Aug 2017
Stories From Ukraine | Meet Sergei

Stories aren’t just found in a good book, they’re hidden behind the eyes of the person right in front of you. They have flesh, they have feelings, and they have a name. But are we willing to listen? When we hear a story that moves us, we are inspired to do the same. Stories give to us the gift of understanding someone’s beginnings and struggles. They have within them the power to move us from being overcome to overcomers. And they remind us that we’re not alone. Over the next several days......

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Church Isn't A Building
May 25, 2017

Church Isn’t A Building

Our house has been witness to birthday parties and baptisms. It’s a place that we’ve welcomed friends, family, and even the occasional stranger. We may not have a sanctuary with pews, but we often hold...

A Cruciform Life
May 11, 2017

A Cruciform Life

I’m not the type of person that puts much stock in measuring success by merely profit and acquisition. I have learned that stories of loss, failure, and suffering offer a more powerful scope of our salvation....

Four Friends
March 20, 2017

Four Friends

My freshman year in high school was a significant year of transition. Our family moved from a city in which I was born and had lived for the first fourteen years of my life. The...

Facing Fear
December 21, 2016

Facing Fear

Last week I sat down to talk to a friend I’ve known for only seven months. He’s been fumbling toward faithfulness while dealing with depression. Since I have his permission, I’d like to share some...

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