Church Isn’t A Building

Church Isn't A Building

Our house has been witness to birthday parties and baptisms. It’s a place that we’ve welcomed friends, family, and even the occasional stranger. We may not have a sanctuary with pews, but we often hold church here.

Last night our home was filled with more than forty laughing children ages eight to eighty all seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and each other. Taco meat and salsa found its way onto our carpet and at least one picture frame crashed to the ground after being hit by a volleyed up beachball. It was a beautiful mess. 

Halfway into the evening everyone turned their ears to hear a friend’s message about the injustice of human trafficking and how we might build safe houses for those caught in such tragedy. Shortly after, I listened to another friend share the gospel message of Jesus Christ as he invited others to do the same in unconventional ways.

There was no program and no one was separated. Families served each other while another friend taught about the eucharist. This made way for us to watch children pass a cup with Capri Sun and a plate holding Publix bread whispering the words, “this is the body of Christ broken for you and this is the blood of Christ shed for you!” We sang songs of freedom and prayed with abandon. Our home was a sacred space of hope for everyone. And I mean everyone! 

Maybe you’ve been burned out or disenchanted with church and religion. Maybe even hearing the word “church” makes you cringe and recoil. Please don’t give up!

Because there is always hope… 

Church isn’t a building, it’s hope. That hope can be found in a home or at a coffeeshop; it’s not found in an empty building. It’s found in a people. Hope lets us believe that things can be different. It allows us to dream, changes our perspective; it sees the heart of potential. Hope means it’s not over yet and opens up doors for everyone!

Hope is found in the person of Jesus Christ and the people He most dearly loves… and that is you and any person you ever lock eyes with. Hope is for everyone.

And that’s the church I want for me and you whether it’s in a sanctuary or in our home. Hope…

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