Diversify Your Dinner Table

Diversify Your Dinner Table

Every single one of us is a sojourner traveling from a place we currently stand to the place we hope to be. On this road we encounter obstacles, bumps and dead ends that cause us to rethink our travel plans. We can change direction or get stuck standing in one place and stop moving. It’s on this same road even followers of Jesus go blind to his presence. We can so easily get caught up in the “things that have happened here in these days” that we fail to recognize the Risen Christ among us. This is when we might be tempted to stop listening and plant stakes in the ground. You may even find yourself just standing still looking sad!

Remember the disciples on the road to Emmaus? A guy named Cleopas and another disciple walked towards Emmaus on the very day of the resurrection. Along the way Jesus began traveling with them as they discussed their grief and mourning. Questions were asked and words were exchanged all while Jesus explained Himself in all the scriptures. He was never recognized and he never forced himself to be known. He was a stranger to them. Until they urged him to sit down at a table and share a meal.

So what if we did that instead?

What if we decided to throw the best parties instead of religious platitudes and bible verses? What if instead of stating our stance and planting our stakes we invited strangers to share a meal and began to listen and relate?

Jesus broke bread, poured wine, and gave this meal away freely with two people that didn’t recognize him. And guess what, they were His disciples! And when he did that He became fully known to them. Known as hope. And it’s because of this hope that each and every one of us is welcome to His table so that we can recognize the Jesus we have yet to know or have so quickly forgotten.

So grab your finest china or some Solo cups and paper plates. Clear your agenda and your refrigerator. Grab some guacamole and a bag of chips. Make room at the table for your atheist cousin and pentecostal neighbor. Unfold some chairs for your lesbian sister and your gay friend. Pour another glass of wine for someone that doesn’t share your skin color or heritage. Make a way to the table and surround yourself with some friends that will hold some doors open. Don’t get all wigged out about who shows up; they’re all children of God. Listen to their stories and look for Jesus. He’s already there if you just let Him host the party!

*If you haven’t heard the story just check out Luke 24:13-35.

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