Sex Slavery is Real | The Safe House Project

Sex Slavery is Real | The Safe House Project

Sex slavery is real and Central Florida is one of the top cities in the nation for this atrocity.

everyONE can do something to help!

This past Monday night I sat down with my friends Legin and Lynette who are part of an effort to provide refuge for victims of sex trafficking. It’s called The Safe House Project.

The Safe House Project began in April 2016, when artists Legin and Sinai from Renaissance Music, a Virginia-based Hip Hop label, visited an orphan care center run by Kerus Global, in Soshunguve, South Africa. While there, they witnessed firsthand the vulnerability of the orphan community, and the daily threat of kidnapping and sex-trafficking. The need for a safe house was clear, and the team got to work to help Kerus fund it.

In 2017, the Safe House Album was released by Renaissance, and the first Safe House Half-Marathon and 5K was run in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 100% of the proceeds of all efforts went directly to funding the Safe House in South Africa, and in December 2017 Renaissance gave $31,000 to Kerus to find the safe house.

However, the vision for Safe House Project grew as the need for more safe houses became hauntingly clear. One look at the numbers reveals the horrifying reality. More people are trapped in slavery today than at any time before in history.  Ever.

  • There are 4.5 million victims globally who are trapped specifically in sex slavery.
  • Hundreds of thousands of those trapped, are here in the United States.
  • 1% of victims are rescued.
  • Less than 50 safe houses exist in the US to be a place of refuge for those fleeing sex slavery.

In response to this need, the Safe House Project has expanded into an organization committed to raising awareness of the global crisis of sex-slavery, and resourcing safe houses here in the US, and around the globe.

Safe Houses can take various shapes. Some safe houses are preventative and protect kids from being trafficked. Other Safe houses are crisis centers that provide immediate refuge to those rescued or escaping, and meet short term needs. And some are long-term care facilities that meet the physical and emotional needs of the victims as they begin the healing process.  We are working with existing safe houses in the US to help expand their resources to care for their communities, while completing the work in Soshanguve.

The need for help is significant. And you can be a big part in The Safe House Project by engaging in the following ways:

  • Race w/ us in April by registering here
  • Sponsor a Race
  • Volunteer
  • Donate
  • Buy the Safe House album

everyONE can be a part of providing refuge for victims of sex slavery.

everyONE matters, and everyONE deserves a safe house.

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