Tag: Depression

May 2016

Have you been judged, criticized, labeled, treated like a nobody? You’re not alone and you’ve not been left alone! Jesus was arrested, tried, sentenced scourged and crucified. The chief priests, scribes, and elders of the people of Israel did all they could do to separate us from Jesus. But the cross that they used to divide the world from Jesus was the same instrument that secured salvation and provided the only way God could forgive sin without compromising His holiness and perfect righteousness. Ultimately each of us will be placed on a......

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Are You Wasting Your Life?
May 13, 2016

Are You Wasting Your Life?

Last week I sat down to talk to a friend I’ve only known for 7 months. He’s been struggling with depression. Since I have his permission, I’d like to share some of his story. We’ll...