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Feb 2018
The Zoe Project | Engaging the Culture and Life Around Us

By Nathan Bryant | Pastor, The Zoe Project  So what is this Zoe Project all about? To put it frankly, it is seeking Christ by living and loving life for all that it is and all that it should be. I got started in this adventure while serving as a youth pastor. I began noticing that the drop off of High School Seniors being committed to the Church has not gone down whatsoever, despite all the money, time, and energy put into making huge youth programs, events, and discipleship plans. We have......

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Church Isn't A Building
May 25, 2017

Church Isn’t A Building

Our house has been witness to birthday parties and baptisms. It’s a place that we’ve welcomed friends, family, and even the occasional stranger. We may not have a sanctuary with pews, but we often hold...

Four Friends
March 20, 2017

Four Friends

My freshman year in high school was a significant year of transition. Our family moved from a city in which I was born and had lived for the first fourteen years of my life. The...

The Joy of Suffering
March 10, 2017

The Joy of Suffering

Every person goes through suffering. Maybe you aren’t suffering now but I’m sure you have and, if not, you will. If you’re wrestling with the tension of what to do today consider this: What if struggle and...

October 03, 2016


By Courtney Chow According to the Internet, “church” is defined as a building used for public Christian worship — a building that might well resemble the one I grew up calling church. I remember it...

Life Inside a Story
September 25, 2016

Life Inside a Story

One of my family’s favorite shows right now is NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior.” It’s a sports entertainment competition spin-off of the Japanese television series “Sasuke.” If you tune in to watch the show, you’ll see...

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