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Nov 2017
You Have a Seat at the Dinner Table

As a boy growing up in Michigan, I remember dinner time being one of my favorite moments of the day. Our whole family would gather around the dinner table to share stories about what we had experienced, good and bad. It was a sacred place. Our dinner table was nothing fancy. It was made with faux wood and covered with marker stains from art projects. Even though it wasn’t the most attractive piece of furniture, it stood for something noteworthy. It created a space for us to come together regardless of our......

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Church Isn't A Building
May 25, 2017

Church Isn’t A Building

Our house has been witness to birthday parties and baptisms. It’s a place that we’ve welcomed friends, family, and even the occasional stranger. We may not have a sanctuary with pews, but we often hold...

Forming Spiritual Families
July 22, 2016

Forming Spiritual Families

What would it look like if you built a church without walls? Would there be music? Would people even show up? This past weekend two home churches decided to test these questions and took over...