The Zoe Project | Engaging the Culture and Life Around Us

The Zoe Project | Engaging the Culture and Life Around Us

By Nathan Bryant | Pastor, The Zoe Project 

So what is this Zoe Project all about?

To put it frankly, it is seeking Christ by living and loving life for all that it is and all that it should be.

I got started in this adventure while serving as a youth pastor. I began noticing that the drop off of High School Seniors being committed to the Church has not gone down whatsoever, despite all the money, time, and energy put into making huge youth programs, events, and discipleship plans. We have heard about it for years, watched it happen in our own lives and the lives of our students and friends. There remains some kind of disconnect within our church walls that has not been truly dealt with.

The bottom line is we have been witnessing something that we all feel from time to time. We want to know if this is actually real; not just cognitively, but relationally. What is this life that we have been given? Is change possible? Is transformation a real thing? The things that Jesus talked about and the things that Jesus did; are they actually a practical way to live?

Is attending a 20 minute worship set, some cool lights, high quality videos, and some relevant talk on how PubG is the next great way to evangelize… REALLY what Jesus meant for us when he said he came to make all things new?

What does Salvation LIFE look like played out in the everyday scope and sequence that we spend ourselves on? Every second that passes is a withdrawal on our bank account of time… and we never get it back. I want every second I live to mean something, to be worthwhile.

The Zoe Project is an experiment that brings together people of all walks of life so that we may experience a way of life that looks more like what Jesus did when he was on earth. We aren’t a replacement for the local church, but what we are doing is giving space to individuals who have questions that the local church won’t tackle, giving hope to people who will never walk into a church building ever again, and sharing stories with each other in an effort to build each other up, spur us on in the adventures that Jesus is beckoning us into, and sharing the joy of friendship.

We meet in a public coffee house every week. We talk about how our weeks have been, without platitudes or the normal small talk answers. We give space for the soul to speak and unburden from everything that is really going on in our lives. We speak truth to each other and offer compassion and empathy. We pray for each other and practice a ministry of presence among the other customers of the stores in the plaza. Most don’t notice us, but some do… and when they see us week after week… questions are asked.

I have come to believe that what living by faith looks like is to be faithful in the places and moments that God has given me. I want to be faithful to practice the presence of God everywhere I go, because maybe as I practice knowing, relating, and recognizing God for who He is, what He has done, and what He is currently doing; perhaps others will see Him too.

That is the general baseline for why we meet every week at Brickhouse Coffee and Kitchen. It is a way for us to engage the culture and life around us. The Zoe Project means so much more, and there are many more things we can do, we will do… but for now, I want to be faithful with the spaces, places, and times that God has given us because I believe life change is possible, it is inevitable… and it is for everyone.

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