Your Story Matters | Share It Every Day

Your Story Matters | Share It Every Day

This morning I woke up in need of a fresh haircut. After I finished a few items on my to-do list, I headed out to my local salon (don’t laugh) to get a trim and pick up some new product. Because I didn’t make an appointment in advance, I ended up with a new stylist. Her name was Jenny. She kindly called me over and we began to go through much of the regular routine you experience when you go to get your haircut.

Jenny: Hello! My name is Jenny.

Me: Hello, Jenny! Nice to meet you. I’m Thomas.

Jenny: You’ve got a positive vibe. Most people today have been really grumpy. It’s probably because it’s a Monday.

Me: I’m a fan of Monday. It has a bad reputation, but if you get to know it better, it’s pretty awesome! It also helps that I’m not working today!

Jenny: How’s your day so far? Oh… and you do a 1 on the sides with a hard part on the right side, right?

Me: That’s right! How’d you know that? Oh…  and my day’s been nice! I’ve been off doing some errands today because I had a pretty full weekend!

Jenny: We put notes in our computer. What did you do this weekend?

Me: Some important stuff.

Jenny: Hmmmm. What do you do for a living (which is the least favorite question for me)?

Me: “Gulp.” I work at a church.

And then everything changed…

Jenny: Oh. Well I don’t do the church thing.

Me: Really? That’s cool. Why?

Jenny: Well… I’m technically Jewish!

Me: That’s awesome! I’m technically Welsh, but I tell people I’m European because it sounds fancier!

Jenny: Ha! Funny. My mom is Jewish but we didn’t attend a synagogue while I was growing up. My mom had some bad experiences as a Jewish kid so she decided to raise me unorthodox. But my boyfriend is Catholic!

Me: Opposites do attract, huh?! So how’s that working for you both?

Jenny: Well, he only attends mass every once in a while and doesn’t push me to go.

Me: Have you ever joined him?

Jenny: Once. It was on Easter! He texted me later to tell me Happy Easter and thanks to my people for killing Jesus.

Me: Ha! He sounds like a fun guy and he’s technically right!

Jenny: I told him I’d convert to being catholic if he would marry me!

Me: How did he answer?

Jenny: He laughed a little nervously. We haven’t talked about it since.

Me: Ha! That’s a pretty drastic step to take for him to put a ring on it!? How long have you been together?

Jenny: 4 years! It’s time. But I’m not in a rush to have children. We’re both young. I’m 22 and he’s 25. I want to focus on my career.

Me: Totally get that. Having children is kind of a big deal.

Jenny: Yeah. But I’m not opposed to religion. I want something my children can find purpose in. I’ve kinda wondered if my life might be better if I was religious.

Me: I’m not really a fan of religion.

Jenny: That’s weird. I thought you worked at a church?

Me: I do.

Jenny: That doesn’t make sense. What’s your story?

I’ve got to admit that I’m not always as engaged in conversation as I was in this one with Jenny. It’s embarrassing to confess that I rush past people and even try to avoid conversations sometimes because they can be tiring. But when I resist my selfishness and actively listen to the person in front of me, God creates space for me to share my story every time! And He reminds me how important it is even when I think it isn’t. Because He’s a Father in the business of redemption and He’s crazy about His kids and every person we lock eyes with. And He doesn’t just do this for others to be saved, but for us as well.

We need to be reminded that God’s story is one in which He is restoring all things to Him. It’s the greatest story ever told, and we have the great privilege to share it and invite others into the same restoration project we’re experiencing along the way. You don’t have to have a perfect story — and if you do you’re probably hiding something — because it’s always been and always will be, about pointing to the One who’s restoring everything lost, including us!

Oh… I invited Jenny to visit our church. She’s planning to join us this weekend with her boyfriend. And… I think I found a new stylist.

God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered. No matter how far away you end up, God, your God, will get you out of there. – Deuteronomy 30:3-4 (MSG)

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